Ramada Inn,
6855 Southwest Freeway,

June 9th 1975.

Dear Folks,

  Having a ball, not doing any work and spending lots of money. Not really sure why they wanted me back here again. But I’ve got my big raise—about £460 a month. Great in-flight movie: ‘That’s Entertainment’, a whole load of clips from the 30s and 40s musicals, starting with Nelson Eddy/Jeanette McDonald, the Busby Berkely movies, Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell, Judy Garland, lots more. Definitely recommended.

  Very nice flight, I’m coming back the same way, via Amsterdam. Should be in England the morning of Thursday 20th, unless I get distracted in Amsterdam.

  I’m watching a TV film about wildlife in Africa and Russia at the moment, then I’m going out. I’ll take some pictures next week. Weather is mild and dry haha. See you,

  Love David.