29C, Block 6,

March 12th 1975.

Dear Folks,

                        Just a few lines. I’ve just remembered birthdays, so I enclose one cheque, half each for Rosie and Mum. I’m running out of cheques, that’s why.


                        Good flight, as usual. However, I leave again in two days’ time for Mogadishu. Karachi is great. I’ve got a film and I’ll take some shots before I leave, then probably post the film to you, in case of any trouble in Somalia (they will think I’m a spy).


                        I’ve been pretty busy, as usual, though Monday night I went to see a movie at the British Consulate, ‘The National Health’, Lynn Redgrave, Jim Dale, Eleanor Bron. Pretty good. Funny.


                        Anyway, I’ll write more fully when I get the time, I’m trying to send cards and letters out to everyone else right now. Keep well,


                        Love David.